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Hi Cougar Families!

This has some very important information for our upcoming event which will be our biggest event of the season. The company is hosting the event at a different location this year and it looks like it will be VERY tight and parking will be hard! We ask that you take a look at the information and have a game plan before leaving for the weekend. We will outline some important things in this email so please keep for future reference! We have put it in bullet form for quick reference.


The girls will need to purchase 2 bows for our two remaining events! Please send in $40 to practice this week and we will distribute the DISNEY bow to be worn both days at this event. Daytona bows will be given after we return to avoid confusion but all $$ is due this week. This is Mandatory!! Please wear hair in a straight teased pony with no poof both days!


The meeting times for both days are listed below as well as the Hall they are competing in! There are two different performance halls and awards are held in separate ball rooms as well. We will meet in the Pacific Terrace each day.

Youth Red - 11:30 Northern Hemisphere 5th Floor
Junior Blue - 11:30 Northern Hemisphere 5th Floor
Junior White - 3:00 Northern Hemisphere 5th Floor
Senior Silver - 2:00 Pacific Hall 1st Floor



This event is a Polynesian Paradise theme if you choose to dress in your Cougar Swag with a little Polynesian flare we encourage it! 

We encourage everyone to participate for the Sportsmanship Award. Our program received this award last year and we take pride in the award. We ask that girls and spectators remember this while at the venue. In the past girls have made small tokens of good luck for opposing teams... Ex: candy with a good luck note. We appreciate and applaud anyone interested in doing this for Orlando!


The following is information for anybody who is driving a personal vehicle to the American Open but is not staying at the Swan And Dolphin.

Attached you will find a map and directions for  drivers of personal vehicles. Please note: You will not be able to park at the Swan and Dolphin on Saturday or Sunday. Instead, you will be directed to our overflow lot.  You will need to designate a driver who has time to drop off your passengers, take your vehicle to the overflow lot, and ride the shuttle back to the hotel. Round trip is expected to take approximately 30 minutes. At the conclusion of your day, the driver of your vehicle will be able to ride the shuttle to pick up your car and swing through the drop off pick up area to retrieve passengers (the map shows how to navigate the drop off and pick up area). Cost for the shuttle and parking is $15.00 a day -- you must have CASH!!

On another note, due to the tremendous amount of traffic on Disney property during spring break, you should plan to allow for extra time whenever moving from one part of Walt Disney World to another. This is especially true of the Downtown Disney which is currently undertaking what can only be described as an "astronomical amount of construction". It would be wise to steer clear of this entire area if "timeliness" is of any importance. The directions below the map detail the best way to approach the Swan and Dolphin to avoid the delays due to this construction.

Wellington Cougars 2013-14

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Want to be a part of the Cougar Cheer Family?!?
Email: Cheerwellington@aol.com to come observe a practice, schedule a private session or get more details!

"We don't recruit champions, we build them!"



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